API RP2A-WSD code’s inspiration to seismic design of offshore platform in China

There is no seismic design code for offshore platforms in China and the commonly used criterion by offshore oil industry is RP2A-WSD which is based on the seismic hazard of coastal waters of the United States. A brief introduction is given to RP2A-WSD and the ground motion zonation of U.S. costal waters. For Bohai sea is a main source of offshore oil and gas where seismicity is high, the seismic characteristic and ground motion are discussed, then a comparison is made between the seismicity of Bohai and Southern California. On the basis of the comparison and the importance and characteristic of offshore platform, a proposition about seismic design level is put forward.

Keywords:offshore platform,RP2A-WSD code,seismic design level,Southern California,Bohai Sea

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