Structures and Functions of Metalloporphyrin Protein Conjugates

Proteins and metalloporphyrins are typical biopolymer and metal complexes. Their conjugates, biopolymer metal complexes are very important in vital movement. In this paper, based on introducing structure and major types of proteins and metalloporphyrins, metalloporphyrin-protein conjugates and their functions were reviewed. Firstly, natural metalloporphyrin-protein conjugates were summarized. Such as Cytochrome P450, Hemoglobin, Myoglobin, peroxidase and neuroglobin. They are ubiquitous in organism and play an important role in the process of biological metabolism. Their structure and functions have been characterized. Secondly, artificial conjugates of metalloporphyrin-protein were reviewed. For example, protoporphyrin IX metal complexes and some meso-substituted porphyrin metal complexes had been bound into proteins. Thirdly, recombinant protein, which is prepared by using gene recombination technology, had bound with synthetic metalloporphyrins. The structure and function of recombinant protein are same with natural protein. They also have some advantages, such as large-scale producing and avoiding the pollution. The typical conjugates, such as hemoglobin-based polymer and vesicles, recombinant human serum albumin (rHSA) binding pocket ferrous porphyrin, and protoporphyrin IX Zn(II) complexes / rHSA conjugates, were prepared and applied in blood substitutes ( oxygen carrier), medicine ( drugs treatment of cancer), or photoinduced reduction of water for preparing hydrogen.
1 The structure and types of protein and metalloporphyrins
2 Natural conjugates of metalloporphyrins and protein – hemoprotein
2.1 Cytochrome-P450
2.2 Peroxidase
2.3 NO synthase
2.4 Hemoglobin
2.5 Hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers
2.6 Myoglobin
2.7 Neuroglobin
3 Artificial conjugates of porphyrin and protein
3.1 Natural porphyrin binding with albumin
3.2 Synthetic porphyrin binding with albumin
4 Synthetic porphyrin binding with biosynthetic protein
4.1 Artificial synthetic protein – recombinant protein
4.2 Albumin binding pocket ferricporphyrin – artificial blood
4.3 Metalloporphyrins protein conjugates as drugs.

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